Drivers Meeting Minutes, Dec. 15th

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Drivers’ Rules Meetings, decided by your peers in attendance:
Emod ~ Wednesday, December 17th, 7pm
Late Model ~ Wednesday, December 17th, 8pm
Street Stock ~ Saturday, December 20th, 5pm
Ren/F4 ~ Friday, December 19th, 7pm
Figure Eight ~ Thursday, December 18th, 7pm

About tech:
We are in search of a new tech person. If you guys have ideas of who might make a good tech person, please send me an email with a contact info. As of right now we are moving forward. Any questions about rules are being answered by the following statement: the rules are going to be the same, and tech’d to what is written. The little things that were allowed in the past, will be tech’d to the written rules. There will be no tolerance for verbally stated rules. Make sure you are built to the rules on your car. The statement of, “Well, last year I was allowed.”, will not be a usable excuse.

Opening day will be the last weekend in April, the 26th.
We will schedule a week off for a Crash-A-Rama type event. To be set soon.
The last week of points will be September 27th. That is also the last week of points for NASCAR.

Pit gate times are changing. Pit gates will open at 2. Hot laps will start at 3 and go until 5:00. Qualifying will be during hot laps.
5:10pm, mandatory drivers meeting
5:45pm, first race is to be lined up on the front stretch
6:00pm, start time

Finalist program is now div 2-5 championships
Top 3 will get invited to banquet

18 cars to start as a “full field” for NASCAR pts now, 2 pts each spot.
3 pt bonus for win, addl 2 pts if you started 10th, or further, back

Under 18 guys, the UHOH scholarship program has changed. You’ll want to check that out when it rolls out, as each track will be awarded with a $500 scholarship to the under 18 driver with the most points, and at least 14 starts.

Stickers will now be a part of inspection, with a checklist, and turned into NASCAR for the purpose of check distribution

New price on licenses:
$200 for Div 1
$100 chargers and officials

Renew online after January 1st.
We’ll be mailing registrations when we receive them, W2, and driver information form. Mail it in, or bring with you, completed, to expedite sign-in ~ preferably on a practice night.
Must show NASCAR license when signing in, or receipt until the hard card comes, as every other track requires. This way, no matter who is in pit shack can identify you without hassle.
Can now purchase 2 15 day licenses (Still $25 each for Chargers and $50 for Div 1) instead of just 1 10 day license.

Other open positions: Kitchen Manager, Pit Steward, Ticket Booth


  1. John says:

    What are you requiring for inspector position!

  2. rodney says:

    if you want to keep it fair he is a great starting point,don’t interview anyone that is related to any driver or that has a past with the speedway it’s self. good luck

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