Champions Get Recognized in Charlotte, NC

Monday, December 9, 2013 at 1:21pm Written by:


The next two weeks are exciting for local track racers across America and Canada. The following two weeks will be filled with tours (we get to go to DEI this year!), wining and dining, pampering, and a whole lot of Awards.

NASCAR spares no expense when it comes to honoring those men and women that have proven themselves worthy of being called a “Champion”.

It’s an honor and privilege to be honoring two of our own in NC this year.
Rick Pereces is our Division 1 Track Champion, and will be taking his daughter to Charlotte with him. MJ Reed is the Division 5 Champion of the State, and will be taking his whole family (ok, they’re taking him).

Congratulations to all the Champs across America. Enjoy yourselves, and let yourself get immersed in the world of NASCAR, with the people you’ll meet and the experience you’ll have.

The awards are being streamed live on, Friday, beginning at 5pm.


  1. Milene Horst says:

    What day and time will it be streamed live on? You have a time but no day. Thanks,Mrs. Horst

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